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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So it's been awhile!

I've been busy, just like the rest of you. However, I have made some wonderful costumes for myself, and started on a new project, that even I can't believe I'm doing. So here we go. Starting with this new project, and adding the completed costumes I've already made for myself since last year. What was left from before I lost 5" in height, has all been refitted, so I could wear them. {I hate doing mending, and remaking something.} I'd rather make it new, so for the most part that's what I did, but a few things I couldn't part with, and refitted them to the new and shorter me.
  My newest project is the making of a complete wardrobe for a one-twelfth scale miniature porcelain french fashion doll. She will also have a home in a set of wooden books. I will paper the inside, add furniture, and chandelier. Her clothes will go into another wooden box, and displayed with ribbon tie-ins. All the clothes are removable, and have tiny snaps.
  I think I'm getting more elaborate as I make each new set. So she has quite a wardrobe all ready.
As soon as I get my camera working with this new computer, I'll post pictures. Check back often to see anything new I will have added. This little lady is a swivel red head, with a very elaborate hairstyle {braids,curls , etc.}. She was made by Cathy Hanson back in 1982, and has stood about in her nothingness for some time. Only now have I been able to forget about anyone, or thing else so I could do for me. She was one of the first things I picked up.
  I keep going back and 'playing' with her wardrobe. I love tiny things, and tiny little doll things are the best. The next post I will begin listing each dress and information about what it's made of, time involved , etc. At least as I know what it's made of. Some of my fabric stash is years old and I long forgot where it came from.
  Later on, I will start on my new dollhouse. Its long past time to get some of this done. I have a miniature needlepoint/fancy stitch knot garden I'm working on as well, and will be finishing up the last cross stitch, so it can be framed. Just lots of needle work, and hours,days and weeks worth of plying my needle to fabric.
  Come join me and maybe you will be inspired to create something. I do hope so. Drop me a line and let me know what you think. I'm always ready to converse creatively about needlework, fabric, beads,embroidery and any kind of fancywork.
To the love of it all, stitch on.