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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Skirt and blouse

This was the earliest version of the skirt and blouse. Made from a fine cotton lawn the white blouse has pin tucks front and back. At the neckline are two rows of gathered lace. The long full sleeve gather at the wrists, into cuffs.
The skirt is a pretty yellow flower print on white cotton, and along the top of the upper most ruffle is sewn a yellow silk ribbon, The yellow silk scarf match it in just the right hue.
Considered a walking dress, it was light and airy, and unrestrictive.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Here is my lady in her chemise and drawers. All of her under garments are made from white cotton in varying thickness. Next is her corset. This one was very different from others I've made but very much like the Elizabethan corsets I've seen and made for myself.
Her petticoats are fairly simple and not heavily decorated as other eras were.
I keep forgetting to take pictures of her under things and her nightgown and housecoat, so tonight after finishing the peachy pink gown I took the time to add pictures of these.

Nightgown and Wrapper

This nightgown was very interesting to make, as it is the first one I've made that could be truly termed from "neck to hem". Made from a very soft fine white cotton, it would be very nice to sleep in, and I think she thinks so too.
The "wrapper" which is what they call the housecoat back then, is made from soft but heavier white cotton. This also made up in an interesting way as it only goes to the lace line on the nightgown. That is where the upper piece is set in, and does not happen on the wrapper.
The last piece of this ensemble is the nightcap. One can't but wonder ... "Did they really wear those back then?" But I'm sure they would wonder the same of us with our hair curlers and caps.
{The picture with the bow at the waist is the housecoat, and the other two are the nightgown. It's hard to tell these apart.}

Is it peach or pink?

How about peachy pink? lol I loved the color of this fabric and I think she looks great in it.
This is a visiting dress, and while she has a fancy beaded necklace, and beading trim on her hair ribbon, I don't think it's to much. She doesn't have to wear the necklace but I think it adds a bit of sparkle to her attire. The gown is made of taffeta, with an organdy over skirt, sleeves and collar. The lace trim has the same peachy pink color woven into it's design.
The necklace is hand beaded onto a colored ribbon that matches the ribbon belt in a wider width. There is one wide tuck and the bottom of the overskirt with the lace just peaking out from under it. In all a lovely gown, and another wonderful piece to add to her wardrobe. Don't you agree?

Friday, May 29, 2009

A house dress?

This blue print cotton house dress is worn over a plain white cotton underdress. This will allow for additional dresses to be worn over the white underdress. She also has a lovely village bonnet to go with the blue overdress, allowing for an outing or just to take a stroll through the garden.
The fine voile cotton print is a lovely shade of royal blue on white. The gown is decorated with hand died silk ribbon, and white edged lace .
The bonnet has artificial flowers, more of the ribbon and some royal blue hat veiling, to finish off the trimmings.

Aubergine Pelisse

This is called a Pelisse Dress or Robe. The style was very popular in the 1820's and so I decided to make one up in a royal purple crinkle like mixed blend. It's lined , and overlaps in the front. The edges of the gown are trimmed with a beaded appliqué in a long narrow design, and of a lighter purple color. The Color was called Aubergine, and that is a french word for eggplant.
She has detachable collar and cuffs of a fine Bordeaux Angeles. She also wears a bonnet trimmed inside the brim of the same beautiful white lace. The bonnet is finished with a trimming of ribbons, feathers in a lighter purple hue, and the beaded applique used down the front of the gown and around the bottom hem. There is also the very long shawl of deep purple lace.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

new for Electra

This is a lovely shade of green silk, with a matching net and trimmings. I have had this collection of fabric sense the last miniature show I went to years ago. The gown is an evening dress in the same era as I have been working in, the 1820's. The bottom of the gown was often gathered and puffed like this and trimmed out in different ways to accent the design. It made the bottom of the gown "stand" in a circle around the body, from the stiffness of all the gathered fabric or net etc. So on to the next gown.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Electra in blue

This tall red head is made by Kish. I have been wanting to make her some clothes for some time, and had never gotten around to it till now.
This first gown is in pale blue satin trimmed with pearls and aurora borealis beaded trim. The gown's design is an 1820's Fancy Ball dress. An elaborate creation of make believe fancy, created for the dance floor of a ball.
It really brings out the color of her blue eyes.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yellow Silk

This gown is very simple. but then dresses worn at home were a lot simpler then ones worn out.
This yellow silk, trimmed in an ecru colored lace. A tiny matching yellow ribbon trims the top of the lace where it's gathered. Simple yet elegant.

A simple French fashion Gown

This pink gown is very simple except for the timings. A pouffy over skirt of white lace. Lots of satin ribbon with rose print, and many, many dark pink ribbon bows. There is a gathered band of lace above the ribbon trim. While very simple, it still holds a fair amount of charm.

Another one bites the dust.

This is the second white vintage gown I have taken apart, and remade into the slip, dress, bonnet, and panties for this adorable little baby. This one has scolloped edges, and white embroidery on the sleeves. The slip and panties are plain with no embroidery. Doesn't she look happy?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's time for Play!

She is so happy. She now has a play outfit. Rompers that tie at the neck, in an old fashion vintage print makes up into the cutest little set. She has a bonnet to match to keep the sun off of her face and head,
Then when it cools off in the evening, she has a tiny little blue sweater. Nothing is as cute as a baby at play. I think now I have to make her a tiny stuffed Raggedy Ann doll. She needs toys to play with.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sewcute Baby!

I love sewing for little dolls, and this little one is the sweetest doll yet. She makes me smile whenever I look at her. So she got a new dress, slip, bonnet, and panties. And they are made from an vintage baby gown. The cotton is so fine you can see through it, and the tiny little embroidery is the sweetest little rosebuds. I hate cutting up vintage pieces but, there comes a time to let go and just do it. So this little one got a vintage gown and ensemble out of it. It fits her perfectly even if all she wants to do is play. That means it's time to make her play clothes and keep this for special events.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Blue is Stylish

This is a French Fashion design called Worth Chateau Toilette for the year 1892.
The skirt hitches up on one side, and is shorter there. Otherwise their is a petticoat underneath, that peaks out on the side.
I used a deep blue to make up this gown. There is a train in the back. The lovely hat has a long veil, and flower and berry decoration. Again there is an underdress, and an overdress.
A bit involved, but then what French Fashion wasn't?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And it's red for March of 1873!

Here it is. And I choose red for the color to make up this French Fashion design. A beautiful blood red, with red silk for the underdress, and red silk lining. Trimmed with a lovely raised design lace, hand dyed silk velvet ribbon and lovely red roses to finish the creation instead of the 3 leaved design.
The overdress is red satin covered with a red heart motif net. Two additional red laces finish trimming the edges. A large hand dyed red silk ribbon ties the overdress closed.
The sleeves are gathers at two places to form poofs and finish in an under-point for a slightly medieval look.
There is a demi train to the underskirt and a fullness in the back overskirt. The ensemble is finished with a perky little hat pinned at an angle to show off the curling red feather, and roses. Equal amounts of the different laces finish off the trimmings.
This gown, now completed, is a close representation of the picture. I think it suits her very well, and I don't think I could have found anything better for her to wear.

Monday, May 18, 2009

French Fashion Bru

This lady is about 18" tall and has painted eyes. I made her back in 1982 when I was making porcelain dolls. Fashion ladies were and still are my favorites. I don't think she was ever dressed. And now I have taken the time to make her a gown befitting her style. These are her under clothes {chemise, corset, drawers and petticoat}. I have drawn the patterns for all of these as well as for her gown.
She also got a new wig which looks so much better on her and shows off her features much better. Her body is a simple cloth body, that I re-stuffed because of settling stuffing. The elastic holding her head in place was also stretched out and had to be replaced. Now, for her new gown.