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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Off to a formal Christmas Party

Bonnie was invited to a formal Christmas party, and needed a long dress to wear. This pretty Christmas print has been made into a long sleeve dress that reaches the floor. Then another pretty print was made into a pinafore and decorated with gold trimmings and gold bows. There is just a touch of pinstriped trimmings around neckline and armholes. A gold sash finishes off the pinafore, and she is ready to go with her matching bonnet, that is also trimmed with gold bows and trim.
  Nothing could look brighter on this Christmas eve, and she is all smiles.
Happy Holidays everyone, and they exclaimed as they drove out of sight, "Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!"

A new Christmas Dress for Bonnie

This dress made of cotton Christmas print is a fairly simple design. Made with a collar extending only in the front, and trimmed out with red lace and a red scallop trim.  The trim is also around the bottom of the skirt. She also had a bright red sash tied in a bow in the back.
  The sleeves are called a "cap" sleeve because they "cap" or cover only to top of the arm and are not gather to fit the arm. She is ready for a fun day, and lots of presents under the tree.
  I have decided after a lenthy amount of time considering this, that she should be called Bonnie. I think she looks like a Bonnie, so Bonnie it is.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter plaid

This pair of overalls are made of a thick, woven cotton plaid fabric, with a cute little fur tree and berry  design. It's trimed with the tiny green checked cotton that the short sleeve blouse is made out of. All in all, it's perfect for playing outside in the cold, with the addtion of a winter jacket.
  It's also a wonderful christmas like plaid design that would lift anyones spirits this time of year.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


She now has her night gown and house coat. The two things every doll should have. Along with under things of course. Her nightgown is made of a cotton fabric in a tan, cream and green color. A mistletoe design in a modern motif.
  The house coat is made from flannel with a back woods motif. Red cardinal birds, green trees and snowflakes in a large check pattern. Now she is ready for bed and a bed time story. There is nothing better than that.

box pleated skirt

Something one doesn't see much of anymore are box pleats. The skirt on this dress is box pleated, and sewn onto a long waisted bodice that has pin tucks running all the way down the front. The red collar brings out the red in the otherwise dark print of the dress, and saves it from being to dark. It is a little touch, that says Merry Christmas.
  This an old fashioned dress, as are most of the collection I will be making for this doll. As always the outfits are denoted by the type of doll I am working with, and she is a repro of about the 1920's and 30's era. Remember, the larger the doll isn't the only thing that makes the need for more fabric, it's also the style. One can have a 12" slender lady doll, and she will  need a yard or more, if you are dressing her in say French Fashion styles.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lace and more lace

This dress has some wonderful vintage lace, and just a touch of silk ribbon embroidery. It turned out well I think and will add to this dollies wardrobe. I have also started to work on a trunk. Yes I am making it. I've had a kit for some time {another project I didn't get to} But I ran out of wonder-under so will have to wait for the next trip to town and JoAnns to restock.
In the meantime I'll keep working on these wonderful vintage style clothes for this little girl.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Another new dress

This green dress with white blouse has a deep cut v in the front to display the pin tucked blouse. A sash with a bow in the back complements the overall design of cap sleeves and green trimmings.
Another lovely dress for this doll.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

new little girl

 This little girl has been languishing in storage for quite a few years. I have been wanting to get to her for some time and so, now am doing the wardrobe she deserves. She isn't like the other little dollies, but I think she holds her own charm. There is nothing like variety in one's collections to make them show ones own intrinsic mind. I really feel that what I leave behind, will be worth viewing by others. The wardrobes alone will make this whole collection of dolls something to view. Something more over that I completed, and share again and again with those who like dolls and come to view them. More then just a doll collection. A labor of love and devotion to style.
  When there is no one else, there has always been dolls to share with. And so I share with them. My labor, my love, and all I can bring to bare upon what I do. It channels to here, and that isn't half bad, because unlike those we share with who do not appreciate what we do, this is a pristine canvas upon which there are no recriminations, nor gilt trips. An open and honest sharing, for any and all, with room for a persons honest opinions.
  May your holidays be good ones. May life give at least a little of what you desire. And more over what is good for you, with those you love.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sunflower same fabric

For a "same fabric "challenge, my sunflower fairy.

Cathy's Collection

  I have just finished a collection of little dresses for a darling doll made by Cathy Hansen. They are put into a presentation box, along with her little bed. I really enjoy doing these little dolls. I hope to be able to see my work a bit when I get my new glasses next month. Funny how old age takes it's tole on what we enjoy doing the most.
  I created this special collection with Earth tones in mind {and another color or two just for fun}.
All the little dresses have little panties tucked into the ribbon ties under each dress. I specially like doing the presentation boxes, as it  makes up something not often seen anymore. And it's a fun way to display lots of clothes for a small doll. All the clothes are completely removable with snap closures. I prefer snaps over anything else unless one needs a hook and eye to keep something closed that fits tight.
  The colors are varied enough to make this a wonderful palete of earth tones. They fit the tiny doll just perfectly. One problem with doing presentaion boxes as the amount of space allowed for clothes etc. I really don't think a larger collection would have as much impact in viewing, as this group, and then there is the problem of space. To crowed and you don't enjoy what your looking at.  The eye tends to just skim over the whole with nothing to catch it's notice but a mass of color, or textures etc.
  It has been a very enjoyable time, creating this for a special lady.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I don't think he's scruffy?

Do you? She doesn't, but she sure attracted him to come and visit. This little gray kitty has got to be a male, as he's bigger and just looks like he is. Still cute though!

Very Unique gown

When I saw the picture of this gown, I thought it to be very unique and different. For one thing the sleeves have short fitted upper sections with the fullness at the bottom of the sleeve {kind of an upside down Gibson}, and for another the decoration of insertion lace and triple bows really draws attention to the whole gown. Made from a silky white fabric, cotton insertion lace and wired bows {to make them stand up}, the gown serves it's purpose as a afternoon out kind of dress calling on friends or shopping. There would have been a hat and as soon as I find my white straw she will have one. Most attractive, even if different from the usual Gibson style. It just goes to show, we all march to a different drummer, and the designer of this dress saw things a different way.

Blazing color!

Wow, I didn't realize just how brilliant this color combo was going to be. It really zings off the page. Done in black Chinese brocade, and red lace trimming, this afternoon dress says it all, and isn't very subtle in the telling. A unique waist cinched helps to accent the dresses smooth lines.
  The red lace sits atop the brocade and calls attention to it's self with vivid color. Accenting in just the right places, even the red tie at the side holds it's own with the lace.
  One will not forget this design any time soon.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

tiny kitten

Just a tiny handful and I just made her up from a bit of fur some wire and a lot of fun. Isn't she cute? The first one to be sure, and the rest will get better and better, but for now here she is.
Ellowyne sized kitty or any other 16" doll or smaller. More to come or contact me before they find homes upon showing. So soft, and perfect to cuddle with on a rainy day. Want one? Contact me privately.
Completely posable.

A parasol says it all

This outfit took a bit of time to create. Not the pattern or fabric part, but the embroidery part. Silk ribbon embroidery makes what your putting it on just sing. It might even dance if you gave it a chance, by adding beads and other types of decorations. This outfit is designed for a stroll in the park or out visiting friends. From the confection of a hat down to the trailing silk ribbon flowers down the skirt, it fair screams look at me, I'm beautiful. And in turn makes the wearer a charming picture of Gibson fairness. I couldn't change a thing, which makes me believe it was done right in the first place. The peachy coral matched with the olive green velveteen is perfect, even for a red head.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

After the beading

I wanted to add something to the turquoise blue dress. So I added some beading. Then I made a necklace, and a Tiara. Turned out better.

Friday, October 24, 2008

An Evening dress to remember!

She said with a train please. Is this good enough?
Turquoise blue that really makes her red hair turn into just the right shade of red, and an evening gown to die for, makes this Gibson Girl perfect!
  It started out one way, and like so many things these days it turned into something different.
The hip drape is a very dramatic statement and takes this gown over the top for style. The tiniest of silver touches at the bust neckline, holds your interest for just a moment, before dropping down to the drape, then miles of gathers n' ruffles, and lace. Not an easy dress to reproduce from only a picture, but close enough to make it worth wile. 
  This is the last of the gowns I had cut out before the odyssey of the Cissy harem outfit. I wanted to get back to it and finish it before I forgot what I was doing. {I do have a couple of somethings cut out from long ago, and I can't for the life of me figure out what or for whom, they are. lol. It happens!}
  So now I want to finish up some outfits for someone, before I get involved in something else {as far as sewing goes}. As I always have more then one project going at once, with the doll houses, it's usually, do one thing and wait. So instead of just waiting, I do sewing instead. That way I get some of my old work done, and some new work done. Isn't this what they call kill two birds with one stone? lol.
  Well, enjoy. I'll be gone for awhile doing those other jobs.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Calling Costume in satin & lace

This is so pretty, and she looks like she's a millionaires in this outfit. Made from tan satin and lined thought out with a cotton for wear. The gored skirt has lace medallions trimmed with a delicate flower design lace on the tip of each gore. The ladies use to weight these gored skirts to keep them from flipping up at the knee.
  The blouse is a simple front close, china silk shirtwaist with no sleeves {to make it easier to dress the doll}, and a open front high collar. The jacket is more of the beautiful lace decoration from the skirt. It also sports a stand up collar, decorated with laces. The full Gibson sleeves at the top and the tight lower part, is as always striking. The addition of the lace medallions in the fullness of the upper part and the delicate flower lace running down the tight part, really turns a simple sleeve into art. The wrist has a showing of gathered lace that matches the Jabot at the neck. That is made of a longer fine lace that gathers at the neck into a waterfall effect, and fills in the upper part where the jacket when open would show the blouse underneath.
  The design of the jacket with it's fullness, is a gored lower half, to make it stand out a bit and draw attention to all that lace. This design could just as easily been filled in where the laces are with a silk ribbon design. {you might just see that at a later time}.
  She carries a small purse to match with the same lace medallion. Equally of note is the mink fur trimmed muff, with the medallions down the center. And last but not least, is the tiny hat of tan satin, with three medallions on the brim and the flower lace above. There is also satin ribbon loops to finish the design but not detract from the wonderful lace.
  Anywhere she would go in this ensemble will make heads turn and ladies simply pea green.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Casino Toilette

This gown made of a fine cotton with a tiny leaf design was made to wear out to the casino. Insertion lace and another beautiful lace are used at will here. I did not open up the back of the lace as one would in insertion lace, because of how small the area was I was working in.
  The skirt has a full ruffle around the bottom. The bodice has a wonderful little decorative collar like effect, however it's on the top of the sleeves, not on the collar. The cuffs are trimmed with lace as is the collar, and trimmings over the sleeves. Bow are added to finish the effect. The belt is grosgrain ribbon, with a nice bow in the back.
  The hat is decorated with feathers and a ribbon bow trimming. Very effective, and sheik.