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Monday, September 23, 2013

True Blue

While this gown is deceptively simple looking, it has 3 layers. Staring with the chemise of a georgette type fabric, in a loose fitting A-Line style with long sleeves. Next is a very full a-line gown in a filmy fabric. Close fitting at the top with a sweetheart style neckline, and dropping to a full floor length skirt, that billows around her ankles.Also the gown is sleeveless. Next is a see through fabric decorated with bunches of threads and a full skirted over dress almost in a coat style, but much looser in design. It has short sleeves in a full puffy design.
  Her first piece of jewelry is a small gold cross, on a long chain.
  Depending on where one lived in Italy dictated one's style of dress. So far I have showed you two of the three main styles. I prefer these two styles {the a-line, & high waisted designs} for my Juliet.

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Lady in Green

One can never have to many clothes, and green is a favorite color. This Italian Renaissance style gown is a unique design. Starting with a new long sleeved chemise, in a cream color, with a gathered bodice and a slightly full skirt. Her under-dress is green silk and has the gathered bodice and short puffy sleeves that were popular at that time.  She can wear the overdress in two ways. With the long skirt attached or as the short bolero style jacket with the combined sleeve, full at top and long tight fitting below.
  She never looked better, to perhaps see her long awaited love. Of course at this age it was still yet a dream to come.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Juliette in Red

This little lady is Juliette, and she now has a new Italian Renaissance gown. Starting out with the white chemise, in a silky fabric. The under-dress is a red cotton print, embellished with large ribbon roses. The overdress is a lined red organza, with tiny red bows scattered about the surface. The skirt has a border of red velvet ribbon, with a tiny grosgrain ruffled ribbon on the top edge. Intermitted ribbon roses, and a hand beaded design complete the effect. Red coral flowers tip the ends of the beaded dangles in the center of the V shape beading.
  A circlet wrapped with red velvet ribbon, red ribbon roses and a red satin bow in the back complete her look. The over dress is a clever design of tied satin ribbon bows at shoulders, sleeves and center front, making it very easy to take off.
. I don't think she wants to take it off.