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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Off to a formal Christmas Party

Bonnie was invited to a formal Christmas party, and needed a long dress to wear. This pretty Christmas print has been made into a long sleeve dress that reaches the floor. Then another pretty print was made into a pinafore and decorated with gold trimmings and gold bows. There is just a touch of pinstriped trimmings around neckline and armholes. A gold sash finishes off the pinafore, and she is ready to go with her matching bonnet, that is also trimmed with gold bows and trim.
  Nothing could look brighter on this Christmas eve, and she is all smiles.
Happy Holidays everyone, and they exclaimed as they drove out of sight, "Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!"

A new Christmas Dress for Bonnie

This dress made of cotton Christmas print is a fairly simple design. Made with a collar extending only in the front, and trimmed out with red lace and a red scallop trim.  The trim is also around the bottom of the skirt. She also had a bright red sash tied in a bow in the back.
  The sleeves are called a "cap" sleeve because they "cap" or cover only to top of the arm and are not gather to fit the arm. She is ready for a fun day, and lots of presents under the tree.
  I have decided after a lenthy amount of time considering this, that she should be called Bonnie. I think she looks like a Bonnie, so Bonnie it is.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter plaid

This pair of overalls are made of a thick, woven cotton plaid fabric, with a cute little fur tree and berry  design. It's trimed with the tiny green checked cotton that the short sleeve blouse is made out of. All in all, it's perfect for playing outside in the cold, with the addtion of a winter jacket.
  It's also a wonderful christmas like plaid design that would lift anyones spirits this time of year.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


She now has her night gown and house coat. The two things every doll should have. Along with under things of course. Her nightgown is made of a cotton fabric in a tan, cream and green color. A mistletoe design in a modern motif.
  The house coat is made from flannel with a back woods motif. Red cardinal birds, green trees and snowflakes in a large check pattern. Now she is ready for bed and a bed time story. There is nothing better than that.

box pleated skirt

Something one doesn't see much of anymore are box pleats. The skirt on this dress is box pleated, and sewn onto a long waisted bodice that has pin tucks running all the way down the front. The red collar brings out the red in the otherwise dark print of the dress, and saves it from being to dark. It is a little touch, that says Merry Christmas.
  This an old fashioned dress, as are most of the collection I will be making for this doll. As always the outfits are denoted by the type of doll I am working with, and she is a repro of about the 1920's and 30's era. Remember, the larger the doll isn't the only thing that makes the need for more fabric, it's also the style. One can have a 12" slender lady doll, and she will  need a yard or more, if you are dressing her in say French Fashion styles.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lace and more lace

This dress has some wonderful vintage lace, and just a touch of silk ribbon embroidery. It turned out well I think and will add to this dollies wardrobe. I have also started to work on a trunk. Yes I am making it. I've had a kit for some time {another project I didn't get to} But I ran out of wonder-under so will have to wait for the next trip to town and JoAnns to restock.
In the meantime I'll keep working on these wonderful vintage style clothes for this little girl.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Another new dress

This green dress with white blouse has a deep cut v in the front to display the pin tucked blouse. A sash with a bow in the back complements the overall design of cap sleeves and green trimmings.
Another lovely dress for this doll.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

new little girl

 This little girl has been languishing in storage for quite a few years. I have been wanting to get to her for some time and so, now am doing the wardrobe she deserves. She isn't like the other little dollies, but I think she holds her own charm. There is nothing like variety in one's collections to make them show ones own intrinsic mind. I really feel that what I leave behind, will be worth viewing by others. The wardrobes alone will make this whole collection of dolls something to view. Something more over that I completed, and share again and again with those who like dolls and come to view them. More then just a doll collection. A labor of love and devotion to style.
  When there is no one else, there has always been dolls to share with. And so I share with them. My labor, my love, and all I can bring to bare upon what I do. It channels to here, and that isn't half bad, because unlike those we share with who do not appreciate what we do, this is a pristine canvas upon which there are no recriminations, nor gilt trips. An open and honest sharing, for any and all, with room for a persons honest opinions.
  May your holidays be good ones. May life give at least a little of what you desire. And more over what is good for you, with those you love.