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Monday, October 27, 2014

How do you measure….

how far you've come when doing an insane amount of beading and embroideries? I have done two more of the motifs but still have a lot to do. And it's taking a lot of tiny seed pearls to complete each one. So as promised pictures to show what I've done. Doesn't seem like much does it? But it sure took a lot of time.

On to the next one.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

A long way to go…….

Now that I'm back to indoor things, I brought out something I have been putting off working on for some time. It will take many hours of hand embroidery before I am done with this. It's the court gown I saw at the V & A museum in England when I was there in the back room viewing beautiful gowns.
  I have started, but there is so much to be done not only on the long train, but the skirt and bodice as well, that it will be awhile before I have completed it. From time to time I'll show you how it's coming along, but just don't expect to see it finished any time soon.

As you can see there is a lot to do, and these motifs are used more then once, which means once I'm done with one…. I have to do it again and again.

It's a good start, but a ways down the road, I will be a lot happier . All of the larger motifs, I am doing on a fine piece of crinoline . Then I will cover the back with glue and once dry I will cut them out and hand sew them down where they belong on the gown. It will keep the gown fabric from becoming over worn and shabby. It will fit a 21" American Model by Tonner.
 Am I out of my mind to want to do this?