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Friday, September 26, 2008

And it's real mink!

This visiting gown was a bit more difficult to draft the patterns for then it's simplistic design would have you believe. It had to fit close and smooth across the bodice. The skirt had to be full but not so full as to make the mink trim flare out sideways. The cape-let is separate from the bodice, even though it looks like it's a large collar that is attached. She also seems to be hiding under the collar. She isn't really, just the famous Gibson turned up nose, and a large stand up collar.
   The cape-let with it's  stand-up collar, has  decorative folds of satin in a wing like design on each side of the front V shape. It's closed with a snap under a mink "button". The outer edge is trimmed with mink as well.
  A black satin ribbon tie belt closes in the front, the same as the bodice does. The leg-o-mutton sleeves are full but not to overpowering for this Gibson lady. The Gown is made up of a teal satiny fabric. The dark brown mink is soft and lushes and works well with the teal color. The mink trims the wide bottom edge, the bottom of the sleeves, the stand-up collar and bottom edge of the cape-let. It also trims the tiny chocolate brown straw hat, and makes up her muff as well.
  Lovely brown feathers drape becomingly from her hat, over the brim and the mink trim. A bit of black satin ribbon adds just the right decorative touch. Working with straw really isn't that difficult, just time consuming, as it must be done by hand, one row at a time. When your done going round, and round, you will have a straw hat/bonnet etc. Then you just decorate. A purse is made much the same way. I love the many colors the straw braid comes in. If you find a child's straw hat with the right size straw braid, in Walmart at Easter time, you will have an endless supply from which to work. Just pull the threads to unravel the seam. I got a really lovely shade of pink straw braid one year.
I think I would have loved going visiting in this ensemble.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another Gibson Gown!

I decided to go back to my Gibson Girl and try my hand at some other designs, and patterns.
{In short I got bored.} So this is the first gown made from a silvery white tissue silk, lined with a fine white cotton. The bodice has a beautiful pale blue lace drape from her collar to her waist, that runs all the way around her neckline. Embroidered with shamrocks, it does remind one of Ireland. Trimmed out with picot edged ribbon of the same hue, her lace cap carries the design a bit further.
  Sometimes, I do a little innovating of my own, because it works better on the doll, with the fabric, or just plain looks better. So seeing a picture in a book doesn't mean it's set in stone. One can have a bit of fun and play, as long as you keep within the design concept of the era your working in. Don't, for instance, use modern designed fabric in an vintage design, and call it vintage. It just doesn't work.
  Wait till you see the next one.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Last one for Patience.

This gorgeous green dress will be the last one I will do for this little gal for awhile.  Two ruffles in the gathered skirt, with a gathered front design, was only the beginning. The large collar also had the gathered design, and closes with a hook and eye. The self material sash forms two loops in the back, carrying the design all around the dress. The bonnet made of the same material as the dress and tied with a large bow, sports a fluffy feather of lighter green, but the same hue as the dress. The darker lace complements the collar, sleeves and bonnet of this very french fashion. The dress closes in the back with snaps.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Not Cindy's shoes!

But shoes fit for a princess. Aladdin style shoes with the curly toe, and even tiny bells to tinkle when Cissy walks. Who said you couldn't have that kind of toes and high heels as well?
Cissy loved her shoes so much she couldn't wait for the glue to dry.
Now the outfit is complete.

Who is that peeking....

Out from under her golden veil?
Oh it's Cissy. Her veil is finished and ready for her to wear, and there is several different ways for her to do that.
As above shows, a little tucking and her face is hidden in real middle eastern style.
Next is under the chin and it accentuates the costume, and also can hide it as well.
It can also be worn flowing down each side, and back.
The full front view really shows it off, and lets you see the costume as a whole design.

And the jewelry .....

Adds just the right touch. Middle eastern in style, it brings out that flavor in the outfit, even more. She really is beginning to look like a princess of the far east.

Playing with the design

One thing I always take into consideration when I am doing a new design, is how far I can play with it. Can I change the look by doing this? Or does that make a difference?
Here is the results of these questions with this design. 
  It gives it a completely new look. I've added decorative pins to hold the skirt up in the back. These can be used in other place, when the skirt isn't tucked up in the back. This way you can see the metallic pink  pants, with their decorative touches at the sides.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A dancer's belt

I wanted to finish the tie belt next because of all the beading to be done on it.
That way when I added some details to the rest of the costume I would knew where it would ride on Cissy's hips, and how it all would look.
So the belt is done, take a peek at it. Isn't it wonderful?

More to the design...

I love the way this is turning out and I think Cissy does too. After some more details, I'll post pictures of each combination of this outfit, so you can see what one can do just a few changes. Now the bra and belt match in design, and can stand alone with anything.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Next to finish is....

The bra and the pants are done. Now the overdress needs to be completed. I would call that a decorative neckline on this teal/turquoise blue gown.
 Alice never wore this. 
I love beading. So inspiring, and one can become very creative with choice of color, shape, layers, and design. I have some beading to do on this gown, and then you can see more were I was headed with this project.
  Tonight I am very tired, so shall end here. Another stressful day, with uncertainty surrounding a hopeless cause. Why didn't I give up years ago, and make a new life for me then?
Hope springs eternal! HA! I should have killed it, burnt it, then buried it in an unmarked grave, where once a year I could stamp on it to make sure it stayed there.
Later, I'm off to bed.

Sew pictures tell the tale?

More pictures and the harem pants are done. The bra top is finished as well.