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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

French Fashion by Alice Leverett

This is one of Alice's dress kits for her dolls. I always enjoy making these up because I learn something new every time. It also takes me at least 4 days and sometimes longer, working on it every day. They are not for the faint at heart, and they are always beautiful.
  Yes I did the sewing, and added a touch to the fan, and created different jewelry. My little lady is the best dressed doll in my house. These pictures were taken before I finished the gloves and jewelry. That said please take a look.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Red & White Queens

The red queen, and the white queen from Alice in Wonderland as I envisioned them.

Both Queens have their own elaborate styles made from my creative fantasies as to what they would have worn. Two dolls {one from Volks and the other a Dollmore ? doll} share the spotlight in their ball gowns. While the red dress is covered in sequins and beading {and a lot of sparkling glitz} the white gown has pearls,  ruffles and lace, with a attention getting train topped with satin ribbon bows. I think the designs display each in their own nature.
  The red queen is attired in a long skirt & sleeveless bodice that is covered by a long sleeved, flared overdress.
  The white queen wears a full skirt and puffed sleeved bodice, with a removable long train overskirt.
Each has two options to wear their gowns, and that's with or whiteout crowns.
I like the way they look next to each other. One isn't better then the other, just different. And I'm sure you will have your favorite.