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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

And she said Nightgown Please!

Well she got a bit more then just the nightgown. She also got a robe and nightcap. However somehow I don't think it will end there.
This little doll has been a lot of fun dressing, and I hope to create more for her in the future. But for now I think she wants to sleep.

Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Purple and Gold!

Royal colors for a beautiful girl. Aeianna looks wonderful in this french fashion inspired gown. She also has a new full set of underwear to go with this style gown. The bodice, sleeves, and underskirt are all one piece. The jacket has one closure at the front. The overskirt is separate and can be worn with the dress or without.
I'm glad I finally got this finished. So is she {although she did mention something about a nightgown and robe..... are they every satisfied?} The beaded trimmings were a long strip.

The sleigh ride gown

  I didn't get any really good pictures until yesterday when I took the sleigh and horses and Arianna outside to take the pictures in the snow. It is really beginning to melt down out there and yesterday was the first sunny day for some while. So here are pictures of that gown for my 22" BJD. Her first creation, and I'm working on finishing up on the second one now. I'll post it s soon as I can get finished.
  So how does she look?

On this last picture the horses and the sleigh sank down into the snow, and for some reason Aeianna didn't. So she seems really tall next to them. At least you can see the gown better than in a pile of clothes.