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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The last two!

This little set of yellow print trimned with yellow ribbon, pink ribbon flowers, and a lovely yellow trim makes this set perfect for Easter. She evens carries her little purse. Isn't she cute?

This set of pink stripes and a cute little print of tiny pink mice is just perfect for our little kitty. Her dress and cap is a matching set to the coveralls and blouse below. One for play and one for show.

This will complete the wardrobe for my little kitty cat for now as her trunk is full and over flowing. She has more then enough to wear for the coming year, don't you think?
I have enjoyed dressing her and I hope you have enjoyed watching her fashion show. Now it's back to French Fashion ladies.

a lot to catch up on!

I have been so busy I have not had to time to put the pictures up of my kitty's new outfits. Here is a pair pants and a top made from 2 cotton prints. I think she's ready to go outside, if only it was a bit warmer.
This cute little dress is made of a darling green cotton print that reminds me of a garden. The dress and matching panties while simple, is so sweet she looks just wonderful in it.
This isn't your alice blue gown but it reminds me of it, with the white print on white organdy pinafore, over a blue dot and stripe cotton print dress.  Complete with a sweet little hat and panties, she's ready for anything the looking glass throws at her.
Mint green linned with a simple print, this little hat and coat matches the dress and panties. Mint green is a change for this kitty but I think she likes it.

Even if she looks a bit wild today.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Because she loves blue

Here is another blue outfit complete with coat and hat over white blouse and blue pinafore. Such a complete little outfit also includes the panties to match as well. If this little outfit of fine lawn reminds you of spring well it should, because it's a spring time design.
  This little kitty is amassing a huge wardrobe. I wonder if she will share with her litter mates? One thing is for sure, that blue is her color, and makes her blue eyes just shine. The last word on this collection is Me-e-eoo-ow!

Kitty in pink

This sweet little pink and print dress has short sleeves and a matching hat and panties, The dress and hat is trimmed with a tiny pink trim. Keeping things like the fabric print, the size of the panties, the size of the trim small, has helped to make this outfit perfect for this little kitten. Small goes with small, as big calls for something big. I think she is perfect in this outfit, and really sets off her blond fur with that shade of pink.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

This little purple dress has bell shaped Gibson type sleeves, with a full skirt and plain bodice. Over this is a embroidery white pinafore ah la Alice in Wonderland style. Another sweet little dress for the kitty to wear outside to play. And Daffidill loves playing outside, weather it's chasing butterflys, or digging in the dirt for mice holes, she has a lot of fun and often comes in dirty, so the pinifore should help to keep her little purple dress clean.

Blue dress and bonnet

This cute little blue dress is a simple design with pin tucks at the bodice {which allow the skirt to remain full} and short sleeves. A darker blue collar and sleeve bands match the trim and ribbons on the bonnet.
  The blue braded trim trails around the bottom edge of the skirt, and covers the ribbon on the bonnet. Ahhhh, her blue eyes just seem to sparkle, and she seems to smile at wearing this cute little dress and bonnet. Of course she has matching panties. Good thing the panties open in the back or there would be no end of problems, trying to get the tail through a hole of any sort.

Friday, January 23, 2009

A yellow sunshine dress and coat.

There is nothing like a pretty bright yellow to lift ones spirits in the dead of winter. This darling little dress has short sleeves and is made from a pretty little print of yellow stripe with tiny roses printed on it. It pairs well with the bright yellow knit of the coat and hat.
  The dress is trimmed out with a ecru lace and a blue braid. The coat has the same braid and the addition of tiny little embroidered  red roses. I think she looks so sweet, nobody will be able to resist her in this charming dress, coat and hat.
  As with most of her outfits she wears matching panties of the same fabric as the dress. One would think she is sunshine seeing her in this outfit.

The perfect set for winter

This fabric has tiny white unicorns printed on it, with pink bows. The pink ribbons and white fleece make a perfect match to the designs in the printing of the fabric. Her little hat and capelet are tied with pink satin ribbon, and made of fleece for a warm trip outside in the winter snow. The white fleece also trims the bottom and neckline of the long dress. The dress has long sleeves that are gathered at the wrists with elastic. There is a pink satin ribbon tied at the high waistline.
  She also wears pretty bloomers of a fabric with a different print. This fabric faces the hat and capelet and is printed with a blue ribbon design.
This dress is a simple one with tiny tucks at the neckline, leaving the fullness in the lower skirt area.

This sweet little dress is a simple design with matching panties and hat. It has sleeve bands and collar of a fine white cotton. The dress, panties, and hat are made of a very fine printed cotton. The print is of tiny ice cream cones. Daffodils favorite thing to eat on a hot day, and this sweet little dress is perfect for laying in the hammock and watching the birds  on  hot summer days.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Kitty in blue

This is a little two colored dress and panties for my kitty to play in. She even has a little brimed bonnet to help shade her pretty blue eyes. Don't you just love her cute little pink paw pads?
She is ready to play and chase a ball. Kittys tend to get bored fast, so she's off.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

When Kittens go night night.

This little kitten wears a soft cotton nightgown with tiny little letters sprinkled over the white background. It's a simple design with pin tucks at the neckline, front and back. The sleeves have elastic to gather them in place.
  The sweet little blue housecoat is for the morning when it's to cold to run about in just your fur. It's trimmed  with a collar of the same fabric as the nightgown. It also sports a little teddy bear with a blue bow. And tiny little blue birds {and what else would a kitten of distinction be wearing?} resting over the snap closures. A trimmed belt will help to hold the house coat in place when scampering about after a ball or a pretend real mouse.
  This little kitten will sleep snug, knowing she is in the best of stylish nightwear.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

She's just a baby!

  Sometimes we find something that is just so cute, you can't help yourself. You just have to have one and then.... You want to play. And dress. and take pictures, and, and, and....
  That is the case with Daffodil. My newest little kitten. The cutest little yellow tiger kitten, I've seen in a long time. She has a long fluffy tail, and a long fluffy mane of blond hair. She arrived in a little pink T-shirt, and diapers. She even was wearing tiny little white baby booties, and socks. Tiny little bells attached to them, just really makes it even cuter. And she has blue eyes, that seem to follow you.
  Daffodil is  a resin and cloth kitten from Collectables Today. The first one of a whole line of kittens, soon to be living at my house. I believe the litter is of six different ones. I fell in love with them the minuet I saw them on line and decided they were going to be my late Christmas present to myself {as I didn't have Christmas of any kind at all}.
  So the first in line was the yellow tiger, and the name Daffodil has stuck to her. I am quite sure she will also have a whole wardrobe of clothes, as will her sisters. I am thinking of the three little kittens who lost their mittens. They wore the prettiest little dresses with pinafores.
  I will be taking the time to make Daffodil something new, and add to her wardrobe. What can I say, I just can't help it. After all..... the cat made me do it. {G}

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Connect the Dots

This gown may be used for visiting, or shopping, and even just staying at home.
The two layer lace ruffle on the skirt is made up on a white organza, and is two and a half inches wide. Making it at the limit for this size doll {too large or two small will throw everything off completely, and just plain doesn't look right}.
  I choose a powder blue silky fabric with tiny white dots. It is lined with a matching blue lining fabric. The points on the skirt, and the bodice are trimmed with a tiny 1/8 inch white satin ribbon.
  The  fichu is trimmed the same way but a narrow white lace is added around the edge. Her false sleeves are of the same lace as the skirt. She wears her hoop under this one as is proper.
  She wears a white bonnet trimmed out with feathers and loops of a wide white satin ribbon. There is one row of white lace that is a match to what is on her skirt, around the inside of the brim.
  I like this one very much, even though it is of a simpler design. Not all ones finery need be made of silk and satin, but still look like the very best quality. Simple summer dresses of fine lawn or voile look ever bit as good as a silk gown. This pattern could be made up in lawn and look wonderful.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a Golden Ball Gown

This gown is of a very different design. One you would not often see. The full skirt has a tulle puffs at the bottom and then a flair over the top to the waistband. The bodice has no sleeves, and a trim of lace around the pointed bottom. The Coatee is made of a very special silk fabric I picked up while in Ireland. The front has a  fold back collar, trimned in a pretty yellow lace. It also  has short puffy sleeves. At waist level in the back there is a wired ribbon bow. Although different, one cannot stop looking at it. And I am sure she will be Cinderella at the ball.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Fashion and a doll

She even has her own French Fashion doll. Often times these little ladies did have their own dolls as well as lots of other wonderful things.
  This dress and hat was made for walking and visiting. A brown print skirt with a light pink voile overskirt. The bodice extends down the back into another drape. The front is decorated with picot edged ribbon done in a military style across the front of the bodice. There is also cuffs of the brown print at the wrists.  Both drapes are also decorated with the picot ribbon.
  Her pert little hat has pink feathers and a fluff of picot edged ribbon for decoration. It is held in place with two pink pearl headed hat pins. Isn't she pretty? Perfect coloring for a blond.
But what blond didn't look pretty in pink?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Dress of a Different Color

And shape. This dress has a train, even though it's made of a cotton print and some unusual fabric that is a deep green crinkle see though. The colors of the deep green ruffle and the lighter green lace ruffle match the print of the bodice and skirt. I need to complete a bustle to go under this dress. The design is perfect French Fashion, and enhances the look and ideal of what she is. There will be several fashion design changes that my doll will have to wear, as she would have had more then one period to draw from. There is nothing like lots of lace to just shout the title French Fashion.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stay at home or visiting

This is style.
A cotton print, with green ruffle trimming, and yards of lace. Ecru bows trim down the front over the lace and trim. This skirt and bodice is worn over the every present hoop skirt. The bodice is lined with the green fabric used for ruffles.
  A green straw hat and a lace shawl has joined this ensemble. It takes quite a bit more time to complete one of these outfits, but she never looked prettier.
The ecru lace sets off the green of the lining perfectly. These gowns are quite a bit more elaborate then any other I've worked on and take quite a bit more time. So. please bare with me as I construct her wardrobe. The wait will be worth it.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Miles of Ruffles

It was all the ruffles that told everyone you had money and standing. It cost a lot for the ruffles on a skirt, so only those who could afford them were able to have as many layers. 
  My French Fashion lady has 6 layers. I wonder where she got the money for that?
Her fine lawn purple plaid jacket is lined with a fine white lawn and trimmed out in a purple braid. The bows down the front were all the rage. I believe it was Worth who inspired this design and it was worn over the hoop skirt for many years. My lady has her hoop on as dictated by fashion. This skirt can be worn with any number of jackets, making it interchangeable for the first time. A forerunner of the skirt and blouse and jacket designs that came along a bit later.
  She also wears false sleeves that only go to her elbow, and flare out to maxim fullness.
In all, a very worthy addition to her wardrobe.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Her first gown.

This first gown is called a visiting dress. I used some wonderful silk I've had stored for a long time just waiting for a special doll to use it for.
  The trim and ribbon was also bought at the same time, to match the darker silk. I had found the matching feather later, and it works perfectly on her bonnet. The fronds have been curled to add interest and beauty.
  The "blouse" part {the darker silk part of the bodice} is a "fake" front. It only covers the front part of the bodice. The rest of the bodice is complete of the lighter teal blue silk and has a wonderful flare in the back that is decorated with a loopy bow. The gathered pleats are a trim I purchased, as was the small lighter teal blue trim above the ribbon.  The addition of the white "fake" sleeves under the full teal sleeve is something you will see with a lot of this era's gowns. This gown is a 1953 - 58 time period.
  There is the addition of a "hoop" under the skirt to make it stand out. Most of the hoop skirt fashions are very full with yards of fabric, and lots of trimming. One cannot forget a hoop skirt when you have seen or worn one. This time frame is one of my favorites.
The teal blue brings out the beauty of this ladies blue eyes, and fair complexion.
So here is her first gown and the first of her wardrobe. I will be thinking hard on a name for my lady. In the mean time I shall begin another gown for her wardrobe


This is a simple wrapper, that would have been worn over the nightgown when needed about the house. Again, not a negligé, but simple and serviceable.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bedtime, but it's not sexy.

At this time the bed clothes were not what we would have considered to be sexy. They were functional, and had a purpose... to sleep in.
So, she has her nightgown and nightcap. The wrapper will follow soon.

Switching gears....

I am switching gears! I am now going to be working on a 12" French Fashion doll by Kathy Hanson. She does such fine delicate work. I love how she paints doll faces.
So, now it will be 1850s,60s, and 1870's. Perhaps a bit of the 1880s as well.
I have been wanting to do a French Fashion doll for some time, so now we go back in time to bustles, and hoops, and corsets, oh my!
This was a beginning.