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Monday, May 10, 2010

The brick patio

I can't believe I got this much done, but all I have left is to spread some sand wash it down and the playhouse patio is done.
Doesn't it look great? I can't imagine any little girl not wanting to play dolls down there and have a tea party on the patio. I know I would. How about you?

The Richness of Mink

I really love the way this looks. It looks so much better then fake fur.
Pink baby wale corduroy, silver-gray silk, and a silver blond mink makes this combination to die for. She has a simple silver gray bodice to wear with the skirt when she is not outside teasing the snowflakes to play with her as she glides through the snow in her winter ensemble. Overskirt, jacket, muff, and hat complete the outfit. The bright brass buttons are center front, sleeve and center lower back of the jacket. I love the mink!
What do you think?



Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's only taken 50 years!

But at last I have my playhouse. OK so I can't get inside, but my dolls can. When I was a little girl I wanted a playhouse, but never got one. So this is to let all you ladies know it's ok to have what you never got as a child. Even, if, it's a playhouse.
  I intend to pose my dolls there. I still have lots of work to do... like putting the bricks back into a patio, and trying to get some grass to grow around it. I will also be putting plexy glass in the windows {to keep the weather out not to mention the bugs etc.} and paint the inside and varnish the outside to protect it.
  I will also get a large cover {like the kind used on outside tables etc.} to cover it in winter. I am going to make curtains and use some of my larger sized doll furniture inside. That is of course, after it's been painted etc.
  The toadstools are little seats, and the mushroom is a birdbath. I have solar lights that will turn on at night to mark where the playhouse is. The weeping pussy willow will look so grand nearby and I intend to remake the Thyme garden in the circle you see. The little pink rose bush is called {and most appropriately} "Playhouse". Yes, thats the name of the rose! Isn't that to cute? I know I will be adding more goodies later on. Like on the backside of that tree, behind the house, will be a fairy door. Do you think the fairies will move in?
  But for now what do you think? Won't the dolls have a grand time?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blue Steel

  The blue color in the eyelet of this fabric is a steel color. So I called this gown Blue Steel. The eyelet is not like anything I've seen before, and it comes from France which maybe why I've not seen anything like it. The gown made up just lovely with this fabric although I couldn't find any ribbon to match that blue steel color and had to make it from a piece of fabric I stumbled across that was the right color. It turned out really nice. The under sleeves are something new and I've not seen this before either.
  All of the fabric used for this gown is from that one piece of eyelet, except where there is the blue color fabric I used for bands, under sleeves, and the bow on the hat. The hat is a hand sewn straw, decorated with a ruffle {from the eyelet fabric} and a bow of steel blue fabric. One little bunch of the right colored blue flowers trims the brim.
  In all, this was a fairly simple gown to make. It will also make a great pattern to work with.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lavender Delight

This is with out doubt the most beautiful evening gown I have ever made. Iridescent lavender taffeta is the foundation piece of fabric the rest was built around. An wonderful piece of "special" lavender fabric with metallic gold threads outlining the embroidery design adds that touch of glitz yet doesn't make it "over the top".
  The gown is lined with a light lavender voile. Beautiful gold braid, and gold lace that has deep purple satin and/or velvet ribbon threaded through the beading draws attention back to the gold thread outlines.
  A wired satin edged ribbon adds an accented ruffled on the bottom of the three skirts. Lavender and purple flowers complete this beautiful design. An variegated lander to purple wired ribbon added as bows complements the flowers. Flowers and a bow are just the right touch for the hair. I have as yet to make the jewelry to go with this gown but will do so next. I just had to get pictures up so you could see she is going to a ball and dressed to the nines.
Drop me a line and let me know what you think of Lavender Delight?