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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Steampunk Two!

Another piece to the outfit. The accessories belt. It holds everything one could need to create that futuristic thing-a-ma-jig. lol.

All the little tools are working metal replicas of full size tools. I found this set on ebay. Along with a working tiny pocket watch, a telescope, a penknife and an eyeglass case I think she is ready and able to get down to the craft of making the next big discovery {if HG Wells doesn't get there first. }
  The belt is made of vinyl leatherette, a few metal rings, and an antique belt clip, that looks very avant guard.

Friday, July 24, 2015


OK, I've succumb to the lure of Steampunk. So I've been playing around with jewelry findings and some odds and ends I got from Home Depot in the fittings for bathroom etc. I felt if my 18" American Girl was going steampunk she would need a ray gun. So how does one make that? Just like I did. You play with pieces and parts till something emerges like this little 6 1/4" X 2" futuristic gun. I hand carved the handle to fit the barrel of the gun. I think it looks like it could fire and if it did it would certainly hurt.

What do you think?
Like the bodice daggers of old this would work as a bodice ray gun people size. One would just have to make sure you didn't set it off by accident. lol