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Friday, May 15, 2015

Calling all Eugenia Lane dolls

A UFDC conference doll from the 80's {I think ?} from Eugene Org. is in my opinion, the most beautiful fashion doll ever offered. My own got broken, but I saved the pieces, and after some years, deiced to try putting her back together again. Using glue, buckram, and a lot of prayers, I got her together, and was able to put her arms back in place. Of course everywhere she was patched, it showed. I decided I was never going to do doll repair. lol.
  However, choosing a dress with long sleeves and high neckline I was able to cover all that up. She is still standing and looks beautiful in her green walking gown.
  Then I was able to find and purchase two other ladies, all in one piece, and not dressed. The first one I dressed in gold lace. then got distracted from the second one. I have now dressed her and am adding pictures here for you to see. The other two have been pictures earlier in this blog and I think if you do a search for Eugenia Lane you can find them.
  This is steel Magnolias, and although simple, I think it really shows off the doll.

Last but not least, do you have a Eugenia Lane Doll still residing in a box, undressed? If you wish to sell her, please contact me. If you would like to have her dressed, contact me and we can come to an arrangement I'm sure. This doll is not simple to dress, so while not cheap to do so, she is worth the money and time spent.
  If you have dressed your doll please contact me as I would like to have pictures of what you have done for a book about this wonderful doll. Thank you for your time, and do contact me.

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