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Sunday, December 14, 2008

new little girl

 This little girl has been languishing in storage for quite a few years. I have been wanting to get to her for some time and so, now am doing the wardrobe she deserves. She isn't like the other little dollies, but I think she holds her own charm. There is nothing like variety in one's collections to make them show ones own intrinsic mind. I really feel that what I leave behind, will be worth viewing by others. The wardrobes alone will make this whole collection of dolls something to view. Something more over that I completed, and share again and again with those who like dolls and come to view them. More then just a doll collection. A labor of love and devotion to style.
  When there is no one else, there has always been dolls to share with. And so I share with them. My labor, my love, and all I can bring to bare upon what I do. It channels to here, and that isn't half bad, because unlike those we share with who do not appreciate what we do, this is a pristine canvas upon which there are no recriminations, nor gilt trips. An open and honest sharing, for any and all, with room for a persons honest opinions.
  May your holidays be good ones. May life give at least a little of what you desire. And more over what is good for you, with those you love.


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