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Monday, March 16, 2009


Box in it's finished state before it is decorated. Both lids are in place. The shorter lid on the right folds in first, then the lid on the left folds over that. It will have ties to hold it closed after it is decorated. I plan on using scrapbook paper.

Here is a very simple how to on the box. You will have to square up the shape, so all sides are even when folded up at the corners. Please follow the pictures, use making tape to hold folds in place and to hold both lids in place.

Use a metal ruler to make the folds for the sides and the lid flap. You will have to square up the shape and sides so everything will be even. Make sure the sides match when you fold them over the ends.

This is how it will look before you put the lids on.

This is how it will look after the lids are on.

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