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Friday, November 19, 2010

A new dress

This porcelain doll I made back in the 80's when I was doing reproduction dolls. I had dressed her in gold brocade and red velvet, but after 20 years of dust etc I tried to clean the dress and bonnet,to no avail. It was unusable, as were the dresses for three other dolls. So in time I did redress one of the French Fashion dolls. This little girl was still without, and it was time to do something about it. So choosing a peachy pink brocade and a satin to match I also chose a new dress design.
  At long last she has new underwear, of drawers and slip and the dress of satin. The jacket and bonnet are of the brocade, with hand made trimmings. This whole outfit took me a couple of weeks to complete, but doesn't she look beautiful. I love the way it all turned out, even with the hours of hand work to make the trimmings.

One more to dress, and then I have to replace a broken head before I can finish the other one. I think it pays to take ones time.

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