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Monday, September 23, 2013

True Blue

While this gown is deceptively simple looking, it has 3 layers. Staring with the chemise of a georgette type fabric, in a loose fitting A-Line style with long sleeves. Next is a very full a-line gown in a filmy fabric. Close fitting at the top with a sweetheart style neckline, and dropping to a full floor length skirt, that billows around her ankles.Also the gown is sleeveless. Next is a see through fabric decorated with bunches of threads and a full skirted over dress almost in a coat style, but much looser in design. It has short sleeves in a full puffy design.
  Her first piece of jewelry is a small gold cross, on a long chain.
  Depending on where one lived in Italy dictated one's style of dress. So far I have showed you two of the three main styles. I prefer these two styles {the a-line, & high waisted designs} for my Juliet.

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