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Friday, June 6, 2008

Presentation box

In the last century, this kind of box holding small things was being made and sent over from Europe. France was the biggest importer, and everyone loved the tiny things you could find in these boxes. The dolls and their clothes were just one of the kinds of things you could find. I have made my own presentation box, representing my daughter, Deborah Ann. If she was only this cute and adorable now, would I be happy! But never mind that. I choose to do this because I don't have to be like how she is toward me. I am me, and I am still her mother, I still love her, and that will never change. I also don't believe how she is today will ever change either, but thats her problem not mine. I choose not to be involved, just like I choose to still love her.
  The box is a labor of love. The tiny baby is from Aston Drake. All the clothes are my creation, except the little fuzzy blue jacket she came in. Everyone of them are removable and have snaps so she can wear them. I made her beautiful dresses to wear when she was little, so this is in keeping with some she would have worn. The little crib design is made from doing miniature wicker furniture, and creates the one side. With the mattress, it looks very much like what one would have slept in, and she does with her little blanket. I hope you enjoy my little remembrance of my daughter, as much as I did making it.

1 comment:

Jean Day said...

So beautiful, I love all the clothes!
You must have had a wonderful time working on this.
Cheers, Jean