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Monday, June 16, 2008

The Goldfish are swimming!

  A little over a year ago, I made up this mermaid. It has taken me till now to get her up where she belongs, in my bathroom. { I have a mermaid motif in my master bath.} What I like about her is all the little goldfish that are swimming around her. It makes her look like she is underwater, resting in a fishnet hammock with all these tiny inquisitive little fish swimming around her, in and out of the seaweed. She really looks at home up there, and I am so glad she has decided to stay.
  This is creativity at it's best. When you can take an idea and transpose it to a 3 dimensional representation of what you saw in your mind. Getting the fish to "swim" was the hardest part of this project. Those are all tiny little gold and red agate goldfish. What do you think? Are they swimming?

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