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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another Gibson Gown!

I decided to go back to my Gibson Girl and try my hand at some other designs, and patterns.
{In short I got bored.} So this is the first gown made from a silvery white tissue silk, lined with a fine white cotton. The bodice has a beautiful pale blue lace drape from her collar to her waist, that runs all the way around her neckline. Embroidered with shamrocks, it does remind one of Ireland. Trimmed out with picot edged ribbon of the same hue, her lace cap carries the design a bit further.
  Sometimes, I do a little innovating of my own, because it works better on the doll, with the fabric, or just plain looks better. So seeing a picture in a book doesn't mean it's set in stone. One can have a bit of fun and play, as long as you keep within the design concept of the era your working in. Don't, for instance, use modern designed fabric in an vintage design, and call it vintage. It just doesn't work.
  Wait till you see the next one.

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