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Monday, September 1, 2008

Next to finish is....

The bra and the pants are done. Now the overdress needs to be completed. I would call that a decorative neckline on this teal/turquoise blue gown.
 Alice never wore this. 
I love beading. So inspiring, and one can become very creative with choice of color, shape, layers, and design. I have some beading to do on this gown, and then you can see more were I was headed with this project.
  Tonight I am very tired, so shall end here. Another stressful day, with uncertainty surrounding a hopeless cause. Why didn't I give up years ago, and make a new life for me then?
Hope springs eternal! HA! I should have killed it, burnt it, then buried it in an unmarked grave, where once a year I could stamp on it to make sure it stayed there.
Later, I'm off to bed.

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