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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cathy's Collection

  I have just finished a collection of little dresses for a darling doll made by Cathy Hansen. They are put into a presentation box, along with her little bed. I really enjoy doing these little dolls. I hope to be able to see my work a bit when I get my new glasses next month. Funny how old age takes it's tole on what we enjoy doing the most.
  I created this special collection with Earth tones in mind {and another color or two just for fun}.
All the little dresses have little panties tucked into the ribbon ties under each dress. I specially like doing the presentation boxes, as it  makes up something not often seen anymore. And it's a fun way to display lots of clothes for a small doll. All the clothes are completely removable with snap closures. I prefer snaps over anything else unless one needs a hook and eye to keep something closed that fits tight.
  The colors are varied enough to make this a wonderful palete of earth tones. They fit the tiny doll just perfectly. One problem with doing presentaion boxes as the amount of space allowed for clothes etc. I really don't think a larger collection would have as much impact in viewing, as this group, and then there is the problem of space. To crowed and you don't enjoy what your looking at.  The eye tends to just skim over the whole with nothing to catch it's notice but a mass of color, or textures etc.
  It has been a very enjoyable time, creating this for a special lady.

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