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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Very Unique gown

When I saw the picture of this gown, I thought it to be very unique and different. For one thing the sleeves have short fitted upper sections with the fullness at the bottom of the sleeve {kind of an upside down Gibson}, and for another the decoration of insertion lace and triple bows really draws attention to the whole gown. Made from a silky white fabric, cotton insertion lace and wired bows {to make them stand up}, the gown serves it's purpose as a afternoon out kind of dress calling on friends or shopping. There would have been a hat and as soon as I find my white straw she will have one. Most attractive, even if different from the usual Gibson style. It just goes to show, we all march to a different drummer, and the designer of this dress saw things a different way.

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Reviewinglacy said...

This reminds me of my late grandma when she made doll dresses.