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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nightgown and Wrapper

This nightgown was very interesting to make, as it is the first one I've made that could be truly termed from "neck to hem". Made from a very soft fine white cotton, it would be very nice to sleep in, and I think she thinks so too.
The "wrapper" which is what they call the housecoat back then, is made from soft but heavier white cotton. This also made up in an interesting way as it only goes to the lace line on the nightgown. That is where the upper piece is set in, and does not happen on the wrapper.
The last piece of this ensemble is the nightcap. One can't but wonder ... "Did they really wear those back then?" But I'm sure they would wonder the same of us with our hair curlers and caps.
{The picture with the bow at the waist is the housecoat, and the other two are the nightgown. It's hard to tell these apart.}

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