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Friday, May 29, 2009

Aubergine Pelisse

This is called a Pelisse Dress or Robe. The style was very popular in the 1820's and so I decided to make one up in a royal purple crinkle like mixed blend. It's lined , and overlaps in the front. The edges of the gown are trimmed with a beaded appliqué in a long narrow design, and of a lighter purple color. The Color was called Aubergine, and that is a french word for eggplant.
She has detachable collar and cuffs of a fine Bordeaux Angeles. She also wears a bonnet trimmed inside the brim of the same beautiful white lace. The bonnet is finished with a trimming of ribbons, feathers in a lighter purple hue, and the beaded applique used down the front of the gown and around the bottom hem. There is also the very long shawl of deep purple lace.

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