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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Moving on!

Here is thew first of the 1830's styles. This mint green dress is made of a fine lawn fabric, with a tulle and lace trim. It can be worn plain or with the tulle and lace apron.
The 1830's styles have very wide sleeves, and full skirts. Many variations with just these factors, created many different style. This one is an afternoon dress. All the undergarments are of a pale ecru and are pretty much like the last 10 years undergarments. Except the skirts are a lot fuller. The nightgown and wrapper, are very much the same design, also.
So now she has two full sets of undergarments. The corset being the only piece that is different, and it doesn't have the shoulder straps. It's completely strapless, and decorated with a wide ecru lace. The same lace decorates the nightgown and wrapper, lending them a bit different air. All of the sleeve designs, long or short, are full. It seems this mint green hue has changed her eyes a different shape of blue.

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