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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Copper Fashion

  One of my favorite colors is copper. I have never found a prettier shade then this. When I bought this fabric I didn't know which doll I would dress in this color. My French Fashion is so pretty I am very glad to have chosen her.
  To go with the copper silk fabric I needed something to accent it and found this beautiful plaid silk taffeta fabric. Lined with a deep red tone lining and trimmed with the beaded golden yellow ribbon, and the light orange twisted ribbon they each make a wonderful accent to the copper silk. The hand sewn straw bonnet is trimmed with tiny flowers, orange feathers and hat veiling and copper colored satin ribbon.
  I really like the way this turned out and is such a beautiful design for a french fashion doll. She has a completely new set of under garments done in yellow voile and a pretty yellow print. The petticoat is white voile and lace with a yellow ribbon trim. She also wears a white stiff bustle trimmed with yellow ribbon. Who says it has to be gold or silver to look rich?

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