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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lavender Delight

This is with out doubt the most beautiful evening gown I have ever made. Iridescent lavender taffeta is the foundation piece of fabric the rest was built around. An wonderful piece of "special" lavender fabric with metallic gold threads outlining the embroidery design adds that touch of glitz yet doesn't make it "over the top".
  The gown is lined with a light lavender voile. Beautiful gold braid, and gold lace that has deep purple satin and/or velvet ribbon threaded through the beading draws attention back to the gold thread outlines.
  A wired satin edged ribbon adds an accented ruffled on the bottom of the three skirts. Lavender and purple flowers complete this beautiful design. An variegated lander to purple wired ribbon added as bows complements the flowers. Flowers and a bow are just the right touch for the hair. I have as yet to make the jewelry to go with this gown but will do so next. I just had to get pictures up so you could see she is going to a ball and dressed to the nines.
Drop me a line and let me know what you think of Lavender Delight?



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