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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gibson Wardrobe

I have finally began working on my Kestner Gibson Girl's wardrobe. It promises to be time consuming and involved. My lady Victoria has the beginnings of a wardrobe with her underclothes, nightgown and wrapper, and a couple of simple gowns.

  Next are some simple gowns. A house dress….

A simple "at home" tea gown.

And a lovely red mink cape, muff and hat, for going out. She has to have the real thing!

A morning dress….

And a gown for visiting. This one is a bit more lavash with silver gray mink trim on the skirt, bodice and separate cape. She also carries a muff from the same silver gray mink, as well as it trimming her hat. This design was inspired by an 1893 visiting gown from Fashions of the Gilded Age.

The collar on the cape is completely lined with mink.
The bodice is separate from the skirt as was popular for this time period. It is trimmed out with a matching blue lace. The double sleeves are sewn together, allowing them to keep their fullness.
This royal blue gown really brings out the blue of her sleep eyes. I love the silver gray mink trimmings.

All of my Gibson's gowns are created from patterns I have drawn, and fitted to my lady. This always takes extra time for the fitting process, but oh so necessary. There will be more to come, from evening gowns to day dresses, and a few in-between . Nothing is to good for Lady Victoria!


Nancy said...

Just wonderful. Is your Kestner an antique or a repro? This is the doll I have always wanted as my lady doll. Your costuming is wonderful!

Deirdre said...

She is a real antique, 21" tall with sleep eyes. I replaced the body because it was so fragile. I have 2 wigs one I use when I'm trying on and making clothes, and the other for display.
It took me two years to pay her off, but you can find some cheaper at - smaller, {or not so nice}.
She is my favorite as well.
I will be making her a wardrobe, so check back to see what is new.
Thank you for your comment, I hope this encourages you to do a layaway, of your own.