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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

An Elegant Lady

A red-head in green, and looking very much an elegant lady.

You would never know to look at her, that she has been in pieces, stored in a box for a number of years. I never tackled the job of putting her back together, as her left arm was in so many pieces. This was a job of vast patience. Then I had to find something to wrap the arm and reenforce the chest area, to hold up when I put the arms back in place. I have held my breath the hold time I worked on her, including creating the pattern and then fitting the gown. If she had come apart while I worked on her, I really doubt she would ever have looked like this.

I choose a gown from a Godeys Fashions page, for December 1875. I still have to make her hat, but that will happen soon.
The gown is made out of green velveteen, and silk, with real mink fur trimmings.

Due to the fact she was so badly broken, I didn't make the bodice, nor the sleeves as tight as I would have liked. If her arms had broken off, that would have been the end of this project, and I really just wanted her to be dressed and look like what she is, a beautiful lady called Eugenia Lane. This doll was  for a Eugene Or. UFDC conference. 

  This part of the design was very interesting to figure out.

Well Marilyn what do you think? 

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