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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


it takes awhile to complete a gown. This one {also from a fashion plate} was a little difficult to complete, and needed revisions more than once. But in the end, it was finished looking just beautiful. The pictures look green, but the color is a dark teal blue.

  The blouse is of a fine cotton lawn, with lace overlay around the bodice inset. I have had that piece of fabric for some time. {Does that make it vintage?} Now was the time to use a part of it. I added a brooch pin of vintage black jet beads at the neckline, that I created just for this ensemble.

  The skirt, jacket, and hat were of a teal taffeta, lined with white cotton lawn {for the skirt} and a teal lining in the jacket and hat. The skirt has six gores, after I had to remove two of them due to the fullness at the bottom of the skirt. This is a walking dress, or something worn shopping. The top of the skirt forms a deep V shape in the brighter silk accent piece. Over each joined gore section is another accent piece of the same silk. On top of that is a nine inch black knot work appliqué . This decoration on the bottom of the skirt and jacket sleeves, varies from the fashion plate picture. This looked better, but retained most of the design from the fashion plate.
  The jacket laps over in front and sports the same knot work appliqué and silk accent as the skirt. Mind you, every bit of those black appliqués are hand sewn down. I just hate the look of glued stuff. It's messy, unrealistic and not pretty to look at. So I never use glue. That means I have to hand sew a lot. I really don't mind that. I think it looks better.

  The hat was a joy to create. I really love these old hats, with all the feathers and ribbons, lace and bows. This one's brim turns up in back, making it easy to perch forward on the head. A frill of black vail netting hangs free in the back. Black &  teal blue feathers, along with some pretty blue ribbon, and a touch of black knot appliqués complete the hat's design.
  What's left, is the black purse, that I added black jet beads to, allowing for a richer design look, of the Gibson era.

So there she is, in her newly completed suit.

  This one was worth the extra effort to create, pattern and all.

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