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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blue Steel

  The blue color in the eyelet of this fabric is a steel color. So I called this gown Blue Steel. The eyelet is not like anything I've seen before, and it comes from France which maybe why I've not seen anything like it. The gown made up just lovely with this fabric although I couldn't find any ribbon to match that blue steel color and had to make it from a piece of fabric I stumbled across that was the right color. It turned out really nice. The under sleeves are something new and I've not seen this before either.
  All of the fabric used for this gown is from that one piece of eyelet, except where there is the blue color fabric I used for bands, under sleeves, and the bow on the hat. The hat is a hand sewn straw, decorated with a ruffle {from the eyelet fabric} and a bow of steel blue fabric. One little bunch of the right colored blue flowers trims the brim.
  In all, this was a fairly simple gown to make. It will also make a great pattern to work with.

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