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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dinner at Eight?

This lovely black dinner gown, is I think, the preview to our little black dress.  It's made of a see through and satiny black stripe fabric lined with black silk. The mock bolero jacket is made of a delicate lace. The inset at the neckline to the collar and the ruffle at the bottom of the gown is a different kind of net type fabric, with three rows of mock pin tucks and tiny sequins.
  While this gown looks simple, it was not an easy gown to make. I also created the tiny cameo pin she wears at the collar. It is removable and can then be worn with other gowns. The black and white cameo, was a "find" and the gold beads were strung on wire. It makes the perfect accessory for this gown. A lady was often remarked upon as to how well she handled her train, and most gowns in this era, had trains. Some longer then others.

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