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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Gossip comes with the scones!


 This lovely soft yellow gown was called a tea gown and was considered to be very sexy, in it's day. I believe that was because there were no corsets etc. under the gown and that was exciting to the men . The ladies got to enjoy a period of "no laces" to get comfortable, and relax, as well as serve tea, scones, and gossip.
  This gown is made of a "watered" taffeta  in a pale daffodil  yellow, and a golden chiffon a shade darker. The lace trim had a center design of the same yellow as the gown. As with most Gibson style gowns, the neck is high and has a bow at the back.
  I think this yellow is perfect for her shade of red hair.
  Now, for the tea and gossip!

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