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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ecru lace gown

This confection of three different ecru laces and three different fine fabrics can only be called a "gown", for nothing else will describe it half so well. A fine ecru striped lawn fabric is lined with a ecru silk for the bodice and skirt. In the center of the bodice is another fine striped  fabric, part see thru with a silky feel to it.
  The bodice is framed by tapering ends of frills that meet on the shoulder and then pass about the arms'-eyes, falling in ripples about the sleeve. The sleeve are finished with a different type lace gathered to the three-quartered length, then topped off by the same kind as used around the shoulder and at the bottom of the skirt. This skirt does not have a train. It would be worn during the day.

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