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Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Suit starts Here!

  This is The Eaton suit, and this is where suits for women started. After this English made style became popular and a part of the Gibson girls wardrobe, many a shop girl went gayly tripping to work everyday in some form of the Eaton Suit. Our interchangeable skirt, blouse and jacket came, took hold ,and remained from there on.
  This bottle green silk version has a beautiful deep green braid trimming the jacket and skirt, with black beads decorating the jacket. She wears a ecru silk blouse lined with ecru fabric, and a wonderful lace Jabot. She carries a matching bag and wears a green straw hat trimmed with the same deep green braid as the skirt. The hat is decorated with a fluff of black ribbon and black   feathers. You couldn't get any better then this in the earlier 1900's.

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