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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dark gray half morning

I have never  found so pretty a brocade fabric as this gray one. Shot through with a deep gold. I decided to make this gown from it, as it was so different, and I liked the style. It has an ecru blouse made from a thin fine fabric. I don't know what it is except it feels like silk. The style has a rounded yoke with semi short puffed sleeves. A embroidered appliqué covers the yoke.

The skirt and jacket is also trimmed out with this appliqué .

The deep gold "ribbons" that trim the jacket are made from a organza fabric.

The jacket closes in the front, and has elbow length full sleeves. I have drawn the pattern for this gown myself and have used a fashion plate of Gibson gowns as inspiration.
  I love the way it turned out. I think she looks stunning . Just another lovely gown for her wardrobe. Now on to the next one, a beautiful golden yellow evening gown.

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