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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Plain gets Vamped!

This Gibson gown is a simple green velvet gown, with a white lace edged neckline insert and sleeves.

It's a very simple gown. But then I went to town with a pile of beautiful timings that came off of an old  dance costume of mine. So take a look.

Don't let it throw you. Some people will say the flowers etc are to big , not the right kind etc etc. But! And that's a big but. Ladies wear all kinds of fabric prints etc. Big and small, and not necessarily what one would think perfect for the person or age etc. That doesn't make it bad, just a difference of option.
This era was also know as the opulent era. In other wards it was rich in all kinds of over blown styles as well as demure .
  The overdress  was created from a two tone chiffon, trimmed out with a crocheted and beaded border.
Then I added the sequin and beaded flowers, leaves etc. With just a bit of large rhinestones . It is a style that would have been worn in the early 1900's. I love the way it all came together and most of all that I was able to use something I was no longer going to be able to wear. I always said the day would come when I would cut up my beautiful costumes and re-apply them somewhere else. It cost to much money to just let them sit and rot, or to just give away.
  So one down and a few more to go, …. but just not right now. This evening dress is it for now.
Next up? A lovely black gown.

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