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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sewing on black at night

It's said not to sew on black at night. I have always believed it, because, after awhile you think your going blind. It's just so hard to adjust to the dark color no matter how much light you put on the subject.
But, sometimes you do it anyway. I really wanted to finish this simple black dinner gown. Late night or not, I finished it. All I can say, is don't sew on black at night. lol.
  That being said, here is the gown

This is so special, because I have used two vintage beaded pieces to complete the gown.
First, is the very delicate and old jet beaded appliqué I used on the collar. It had to be pretty much re-beaded onto the collar {which was created just to hold this piece}.

  The gown is a princess style cut with the smaller full sleeves, bell shaped skirt and round neckline.
The lower band is another vintage piece cut from an old scarf. Velvet that is edged with a beaded, net pattern and tassels. I applied it so that it would swoop up in the back, but not be bustled. 

A filmy black single bow tops the upward curve. Both pieces were a real find and I have been saving them for something special to use them on. Well, my Gibson is just that special thing. I made a filmy ribbon gather with one tiny bow to attach the single black plume in her hair. An accessory often used in this era.
  I also made her a new set of black lingerie. Drawers, petticoat and corset.

Simple, yet elegant. I like the way this one turned out.

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