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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Promenade gown

Off to her favorite watering hole, in her new striped gown. The skirt needed some fullness under it to give it that little touch of flare. So I made her a new petticoat, with a double net flounce.
The bodice has a plastron attached separate over the bodice, and ends in a kind of wide band that closes in the back.
  Over the bodice, she wears a white lace bolero. This is made up with a combination of two different types of lace, over a firm net ground.
  This gown is another very useful example of using lace in a tasteful way, and not just as a border trim. The hat is a "boater" style, wide brim design, completed with feathers and self ribbon bows.
She looks ready for her promenade.

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