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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

a lot to catch up on!

I have been so busy I have not had to time to put the pictures up of my kitty's new outfits. Here is a pair pants and a top made from 2 cotton prints. I think she's ready to go outside, if only it was a bit warmer.
This cute little dress is made of a darling green cotton print that reminds me of a garden. The dress and matching panties while simple, is so sweet she looks just wonderful in it.
This isn't your alice blue gown but it reminds me of it, with the white print on white organdy pinafore, over a blue dot and stripe cotton print dress.  Complete with a sweet little hat and panties, she's ready for anything the looking glass throws at her.
Mint green linned with a simple print, this little hat and coat matches the dress and panties. Mint green is a change for this kitty but I think she likes it.

Even if she looks a bit wild today.

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