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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Her first gown.

This first gown is called a visiting dress. I used some wonderful silk I've had stored for a long time just waiting for a special doll to use it for.
  The trim and ribbon was also bought at the same time, to match the darker silk. I had found the matching feather later, and it works perfectly on her bonnet. The fronds have been curled to add interest and beauty.
  The "blouse" part {the darker silk part of the bodice} is a "fake" front. It only covers the front part of the bodice. The rest of the bodice is complete of the lighter teal blue silk and has a wonderful flare in the back that is decorated with a loopy bow. The gathered pleats are a trim I purchased, as was the small lighter teal blue trim above the ribbon.  The addition of the white "fake" sleeves under the full teal sleeve is something you will see with a lot of this era's gowns. This gown is a 1953 - 58 time period.
  There is the addition of a "hoop" under the skirt to make it stand out. Most of the hoop skirt fashions are very full with yards of fabric, and lots of trimming. One cannot forget a hoop skirt when you have seen or worn one. This time frame is one of my favorites.
The teal blue brings out the beauty of this ladies blue eyes, and fair complexion.
So here is her first gown and the first of her wardrobe. I will be thinking hard on a name for my lady. In the mean time I shall begin another gown for her wardrobe

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