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Sunday, January 18, 2009

When Kittens go night night.

This little kitten wears a soft cotton nightgown with tiny little letters sprinkled over the white background. It's a simple design with pin tucks at the neckline, front and back. The sleeves have elastic to gather them in place.
  The sweet little blue housecoat is for the morning when it's to cold to run about in just your fur. It's trimmed  with a collar of the same fabric as the nightgown. It also sports a little teddy bear with a blue bow. And tiny little blue birds {and what else would a kitten of distinction be wearing?} resting over the snap closures. A trimmed belt will help to hold the house coat in place when scampering about after a ball or a pretend real mouse.
  This little kitten will sleep snug, knowing she is in the best of stylish nightwear.

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