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Friday, January 9, 2009

Miles of Ruffles

It was all the ruffles that told everyone you had money and standing. It cost a lot for the ruffles on a skirt, so only those who could afford them were able to have as many layers. 
  My French Fashion lady has 6 layers. I wonder where she got the money for that?
Her fine lawn purple plaid jacket is lined with a fine white lawn and trimmed out in a purple braid. The bows down the front were all the rage. I believe it was Worth who inspired this design and it was worn over the hoop skirt for many years. My lady has her hoop on as dictated by fashion. This skirt can be worn with any number of jackets, making it interchangeable for the first time. A forerunner of the skirt and blouse and jacket designs that came along a bit later.
  She also wears false sleeves that only go to her elbow, and flare out to maxim fullness.
In all, a very worthy addition to her wardrobe.

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