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Monday, January 12, 2009

Fashion and a doll

She even has her own French Fashion doll. Often times these little ladies did have their own dolls as well as lots of other wonderful things.
  This dress and hat was made for walking and visiting. A brown print skirt with a light pink voile overskirt. The bodice extends down the back into another drape. The front is decorated with picot edged ribbon done in a military style across the front of the bodice. There is also cuffs of the brown print at the wrists.  Both drapes are also decorated with the picot ribbon.
  Her pert little hat has pink feathers and a fluff of picot edged ribbon for decoration. It is held in place with two pink pearl headed hat pins. Isn't she pretty? Perfect coloring for a blond.
But what blond didn't look pretty in pink?

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