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Saturday, January 17, 2009

She's just a baby!

  Sometimes we find something that is just so cute, you can't help yourself. You just have to have one and then.... You want to play. And dress. and take pictures, and, and, and....
  That is the case with Daffodil. My newest little kitten. The cutest little yellow tiger kitten, I've seen in a long time. She has a long fluffy tail, and a long fluffy mane of blond hair. She arrived in a little pink T-shirt, and diapers. She even was wearing tiny little white baby booties, and socks. Tiny little bells attached to them, just really makes it even cuter. And she has blue eyes, that seem to follow you.
  Daffodil is  a resin and cloth kitten from Collectables Today. The first one of a whole line of kittens, soon to be living at my house. I believe the litter is of six different ones. I fell in love with them the minuet I saw them on line and decided they were going to be my late Christmas present to myself {as I didn't have Christmas of any kind at all}.
  So the first in line was the yellow tiger, and the name Daffodil has stuck to her. I am quite sure she will also have a whole wardrobe of clothes, as will her sisters. I am thinking of the three little kittens who lost their mittens. They wore the prettiest little dresses with pinafores.
  I will be taking the time to make Daffodil something new, and add to her wardrobe. What can I say, I just can't help it. After all..... the cat made me do it. {G}

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