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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And Visiting again!

Frances must make her visiting rounds, and cannot think of doing it in the same gown. So here she is, in a yellow iridescent taffeta underskirt with the bodice and skirt ruffle of a fine lawn, with a print of flowers so tiny they make a perfect in scale design. Add the light orange silk ribbon and vintage laces to what is already becoming, and she will stand out in any crowd.
  The tiny green straw hat shows off the same ribbon and lace. Making straw hats and bonnets to scale from real tiny straw 'ribbon' is no easy task. Practice is the only thing I can say about it. You will get to where you can handle it with easy. There are a few books on how to make doll straw hats, so look for those on Ebay or Amazon.
  Can you imagine going 'visiting' in this dress. Frances looks ready for anything, and right in style. Next, another stay at home dress.

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