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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Her first gown.

This is made up of rust colored iridescent taffeta {yes I know, but I like that kind of fabric}
  Did you know Taffeta talks when you walk. It has this 'voice' that whispers in a kind low voice. Ladies walking about in a ball room would all have a different kind of fabric voice. Satin sounds different then taffeta. It's a quieter sound. Now a days, we don't have that lovely fabric voice, as ladies don't wear long dresses. Sad.
  This first dress is just a simple dress with a bertha collar decorated with tiny bows. The collar is removable, and something else could be worn with it. A different collar, an apron, etc. She also has a belt from the same as the bows on the collar. This was the era of the wide collars and big puffy sleeves at the shoulders and narrow at the wrists. 
Well, on to the next one.

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