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Saturday, May 17, 2008

You call it What???

  Well, it's called Bloomers, and women wore this costume, and called it high fashion. We laugh today, but then Amelia Bloomer gave her name to the style and loved it. {It turned out she was gay, but it didn't mean the same back then.}
 So, with this and an expanded life style, no-one was looking at your rear end. Oh joy, women had more freedom... well some did. Her lilac colored bodice is trimmed with a purple and yellow  flower ribbon trim. She wears an ivory colored  chemisette{a sort of large dickey just covering front and back where it needs to cover}, under the bodice, and ivory colored false sleeves that match the chemisette. They have tiny tucks and ivory lace trim. The front has a sheer ribbon tie of a yellow to match the flowers in the purple trim. I used elastic for the bottom of the bloomer legs as trying to do the ribbon ties would have left a long tail end to drag about and trip poor Charlotte up when she does whatever it is she wants to when in bloomers. Not much else to say about this one. She just had to be in style. At least the lilac is a pretty color. lol.

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