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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pretty in Pink

 And the redhead said "Pink... me?"
As you can see she looks great in pink.
This is a princess style underdress in pink taffeta, with a gray and pink striped silk overdress. Tiny pink lace, with a pink silk ribbon rose style ruching overlay the edges. This ruching was done entirely by hand.  She also wears a stylish straw hat with pink silk ribbon ruching and pink lace .
The over-dress is sleeveless, to allow the underdress sleeve their fullness.
  While the under-dress is plain, the over-dress is very decorative. In the back is a small bustle effect, with trimmings. This was called a walking dress.
  Note the hat back, with trailing lace and trim.
Next... a ball dress in Nile green silk.
Enjoy, Deirdre

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